National Health Supporters Choir


NHSC is a political choir, with a particular focus on raising awareness about ongoing threats to the survival of the NHS.

We are activists, and have performed at numerous political events, rallies and protests.


These have included NHS marches, recent protests against GP at Hand, and celebrations for Ealing Hospital in association with health campaign Ealing Save Our NHS.

NHSC recently contributed to

Don't Just Clap, a song written by Gareth Lewis in support of the #NHSPay15 campaign.

We also regularly perform at other charitable and health-related events, and stand in solidarity with other groups with a similar focus and political ethos.

If you would like us to perform at your event, please email us at

National Health Supporters Choir


NHSC is a political choir made up of NHS staff and supporters.


We aim to raise awareness of the ongoing threat to the National Health Service, and offer our support to likeminded campaigns and groups who share our ethos.

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